Rainbow Six Siege Art of Siege Live

Complete the training and be rewarded with a key to the The Rainbow Six Siege closed beta. This is the Art of Siege training.

If you are in the market to still get your hands on one of those closed beta keys to the upcoming Rainbow Six: Siege game, then why not try the Art of Siege training simulator. You take part in five training exercises to test your skills and tactics. If you do well and complete the situations, you’ll be rewarded with a beta key. Easy.

The Rainbow Six Siege closed beta is set to begin on September 24 for Xbox One, PC, and Playstation 4 and, after being delayed, will be releasing on December 1st.

Start your training by heading over to the Art of Siege.

As a side note, Confident Gamers will be randomly giving out some beta keys also.

Starting now!

***In the comments below, what are you looking forward to the most in Rainbow Six: Siege?***

On Sunday, September 13th, we’ll be selecting three random lucky folks and providing them with beta key.

Also, so simple!

Good Luck!

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