New Expansion for Punch Club

If you are among the many many people that picked up and are enjoying Punch Club, then you will enjoy their latest expansion DARK FIST which goes live today for Steam.

Punch Club The Dark Fist expansion is now live, and features a brand new side-story with 3 hours of new content – look for a briefcase in your house around day 6
Hardcore mode, what could that behold? Also Cloud saving activates, allowing you to  continue playing on multiple devices!

TinyBuild Punch Club Dark Fist

Which brings us to point out that the update is also coming to iOS and Android this coming Thursday. So hold tight, mobile users, it is coming.

For Twitch gamers, Tinybuild went a couple of steps further with the Twitch Integration and built a whole platform for people to earn points on, and exchange them for valuable rewards – game discount codes!

Introducing the tinyRewards platform!

When you enable Twitch Integration in Punch Club, your chat will be able to make bets on whether you’ll win or not. People can win points, and then craft them into discounts codes on

  • Enable Twitch Integration for Punch Club
  • Your chat will be able to make bets (“#win 50” places 50 points on a win possibility)
  • People can win points if they bet correctly
  • With enough points, they can go to and claim their discount codes for any tinyBuild game
  • Every 12 hours we grant free 100 points (claimable by betting in the chat)
  • Points save up and work cross-stream
  • Everyone starts off with 500 points

If you haven’t joined the fun yet, pick up Punch Club now right on the TinyBuild website.