Punch Club Review

It’s been a week and I am tired … so tired of punching and eating and working and punching some more but it is worth it when you are part of the Punch Club.

Last week we shared with you the fun that tinyBuild was having with their hit Punch Club. Now after a week of punching my way through many battles, earning a women heart and much more, we are ready to share with you our feedback on Punch Club.


The video below explains just how Punch Club was released with their Twich Plays experience. The challenge was if some pre-selected twitch masters were given the opportunity to play Punch Club and if they were able to progress through the game and hit the completion mark the game would release. Thankfully for us punch fans, they met the mark fairly quickly after the announcement and the game as promised was released and available to order on Steam.

In Punch Club you play as a fighter who’s witnessed their father’s was brutal murder right before your eyes. Now you must train hard, eat meat and punch dudes in the face to earn your place in the Punch Club ranks, and discover who ended your father’s life.

Punch Club is a boxing tycoon management game with multiple branching story lines. Your goal is clear, but how you get there depends on whether you want to legitimately climb the rankings, or take the more ridiculous, shady route.


Don’t let the name fool you, Punch Club isn’t like Mike Tyson Punch where you are controlling the player as they fight. This is more of a strategy point and click game where you carry your fighter through each day, and taking them through the routine of eating, sleeping, training and fighting.

You are provided with 4 different gauges that measure how In Love, hungry, Happy and Energized you are. When one or more of the gauges run low you are unable to perform some necessary activities and must do what is necessary to recharge them. Eat, get some sleep, do something relaxing to raise your mood, what ever it takes. It is a delicate balance between work, play, shopping and eating. You have to eat to have energy to work, you have to work to have money to buy food to eat, you have to rest or you can’t work, and the cycle continues. You of course also have a fighting career to manage so fitting some training in there along with entering competitions is also key.


I was honestly slightly disappointment when I first played and discovered that I was not actually going to do some punching myself. When you enter a fight (either by choose or by getting jumped on the street) you simply select your fighting and/or defense skills and then FIGHT. You sit back and hope that your skill combination level and luck all line up allowing you to defeat your opponent. Sounds easy, and some times it is. However as you progress you will begin to encounter fighters that seem beyond your ability to defeat. Just keep doing what you can to get stronger then come back to them and kick some but.

Speaking of skills you of course will level up as your progress through the game. Once you level up and learn enough skills you will be able to focus your talents and pick a designated fighting path. You have the Way of the Tighter, the Way of the Turtle or the Way of the Bear, each gives you a separate path of skills and fight attacks to help you in your challenges.

punch club 2


This pixel punching game is actually pretty smooth and clean. It is a retro style game from start to end. The graphics, the dialogue, and story line all come from a true 80’s atmosphere. You would have that the developers jumped the Delorean when back to the 80’s, played a few games, hung out with some hip gamers and came up with the concept to bring it back to us to play. We even have a series of special sewer mutant fighters that you must fight to prove yourself.


The way the game is designed you have plenty of opportunity to retry your experience and get different results each time. You can try and advance in different focused skill areas, spend more time training and less work, so many opportunities to try and get to the end, become the champ and discover the truth about your father.

punch club 1

However the down fall is that the game after the first few hours of exploring and learning how to work the game very quickly becomes a redundant and tedious experience. You being to repeat the same activities over and over again and just seems like a never ending loop. Your progress becomes to slow down and if you aren’t determined to finish you could potentially just stop all progress and put it down to come back to ‘one day.’  Every decision you make will matter, especially in your social life. You’ll be juggling friendships, love life, work, recreational time, relationships, and possible stardom, all alongside your gym time and fighting aligators. It’s not all just pumping iron, you know. But even with all that you still will start to feel very repetitive.


I doubt there will ever be a game that I don’t recommend and this one certainly won’t be on that list either. I had a great time playing through the story and meeting all the new characters and winning the fights I encountered. I did of course experience the tedious grinding nature the game also possess I also know that there is a stream of players that strive on that sort of grind action.

tinyBuild Games also recently happily shared that Punch Club, the publisher’s has grossed more than $1 million in sales in just 10 days since it’s release, eclipsing 100,000 sales across all platforms. And by all platforms we mean steam and iOS. If you interested in checking it out now head over to their sale pages now.











  • Gorgeous pixel visuals with 80-90s references and nostalgia all over the place
  • Well rounded experience


  • Becomes very repetitive and tedious
  • After a point fight opponents seem very unevenly higher ranked than yourself