Projection: First Light

In Projection: First Light, you control the light to solve puzzles. The art of shadow puppetry coming to your gaming consoles and PC and Mac in 2018.

Developer Shadowplay Studios and publisher Blowfish Studios has announced the very interesting and intriguing looking game Projection: First Light. The game follows a girl and her adventures in a “mythological shadow puppet world”. As the player, you will travel through the history of the use of shadow puppets in Indonesia, China, Turkey, Greece, and 19th century England. The protagonist, Greta, uses a source of light to manipulate shadows which in turn can create platforms and walls in order to solve various puzzles.
“The idea behind Projection: First Light went off like a lightbulb in my head when I recalled playing with shadows on a wall as a child. After toying with light manipulation at a game jam, we discovered the concept had a number of wonderful gameplay applications, which we hope to share with the gaming community along with the rich art and history behind shadow puppetry when Projection: First Light releases early next year.” – Michael Chu, Founder, Shadowplay Studios

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Projection: First Light Illuminates Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC in Q2 2018.
For more information please explore Projection’s official website.