Product Review Request

Give your game or product instant access to an already established online audience. 

If you are on this page, that means you are interested in one of the following:

  • You would like Confident Gamers to provide a Sponsor post by means of us either writing an article about your game or product
  • You would like Confident Gamers to conduct a giveaway with your game or product as a prize
  • You would like to have Confident Gamers test out and review your game or product
  • Or you would like to advertise your company/game/product on our webpage.

We are very flattered you would like to reach our readers and work with us. That is great and we are always looking for ways to share with our readers different products and games that interest them.

Why partner with us or advertise our on website?

While there are many video game industry website out there providing industry related news, our focus and dedication is to our readers and followers, trying to give them the information and details they are looking for about the games and products they are most interested in.

For details on how we are doing with our readers check out our latest Confident Gamers Media Kit (updated quarterly).

Our Policy

If you would like us to endorse, review or distribute your product or service please considering the following information before reaching out to us.

Please allow us up to 1 month (30 days) to fully use, review and post the review. The staff at Confident Gamers is comprised of individuals who also work fulltime jobs during the days so our time allotted is limited.

Our souls are not up for sale!

While we never enjoy giving bad reviews we will be honest and fair in all of our reviews. If we find anything that would result in what could be considered a negative review we will share our thoughts and opinions with you directly first in attempt to gain a better understanding and appreciation for why a product or game was designed that way. That being said, you can not pay us to give you a better review than the product has earned.

We will disclose on each applicable post where we obtained the product/game that we are discussing.

Reviews will be promoted across our social media platforms. These would include Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter at least 1 on the day the review is posted and then again within 7 days of the post going live.

Our posts when applicable will also include a link to and description of the company and/or the product in question, a link to the company’s social media account(s), photos of the product and/or of us with the product.