PlayStation 4 20th Anniversary Edition Detailed Unboxing

PlayStation 4 20th Anniversary Edition Detailed Unboxing

Happy 20th Anniversary Playstation. There was a time when the name Sony and Playstation was a 4 letter word in my household because I was such a die-hard ____ FanBoy, I wouldn’t even look at a Sony product.

Luckily, I grew up and became a mature gamer.

Today, Playstation released a video showing off the 20th Anniversary Edition Playstaion 4 unboxing. The PS4 looks just so sexy as ever. Here’s the description for the video:

Introducing the PlayStation®4 20th Anniversary Edition – A Celebration of PlayStation®’s rich history. Featuring the Original Gray finish of the debut console, classic logo, and an Original Gray DUALSHOCK®4 controller and PlayStation® Camera.


Short Sexy Version

  • Sil3ntX

    I would so get this, just to have it! … I am in the market for a 2nd PS4…….

  • It would be nice to have 2 PS4’s in the house. Too many games that would could be playing together.

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