Planetoid Pioneers Early Access Prime to Launch

 Why not grab your old war buddy and go do some planetary exploration? Well suit up as Planetoid Pioneers is set to launch.
Planetoid Pioneers is the coop sci-fi exploratory game from the minds of independent developers Data Realms. The Data Realm’s indie team is stacked with talents from AAA power houses like Electronic Arts, Ubisoft, Pixar Animation Studios, THQ and Rockstar.
In  Planetoid Pioneers, you explore more than half a dozen worlds, each packed full of hostile creatures and robots all looking to destroy you. Best thing to do, destroy them first, then continue to explore. Make the choice to either blast them away or outsmart them, either way be sure to recycle the wreckage in order to build better items to help you explore even deeper into caves and dungeons.

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Planetoid Pioneers also encourages creativity by giving players the same commercial-grade editing tools used by Data Realms to build the game. Players can create their own weapons, vehicles, characters, even their own world and drop them into the game while it’s running. User-generated content can be shared, rated, and downloaded via the Steam Workshop, while the best of it is automatically incorporated into the game.
“Between user-generated content and the custom physics engine we built for Planetoid Pioneers, there’s a lot of room for fun wackiness to emerge. Players can create whatever they desire to overcome the challenges of each planetoid and experience a personalized inter-astreroidal journey.” – Dan Tabar, Founder, Data Realms.


  • Detailed physics-driven, community-generated gameplay
  • Local 4-person pick-up-and-play co-op and p-vs-p multiplayer
  • Versatile vehicles, interesting tools, and powerful weapons
  • Alien life forms to discover, fight, mount, and turn into pets who do your bidding
  • Atomizer/Assembler that lets you absorb resources and 3D-print Blueprints with them
  • Use the in-game editor to author your own Blueprints and entire Planetoids
  • Then easily share those Blueprints or Scenes as single, self-contained .PNG image files
  • Ever-growing Asteroid Belt populated with official and Contributor Planetoids to visit
  • Powered by Data Realms’ world-class, proprietary Crush2D physics and game engine
Planetoid Pioneers will be available for $19.99 USD. Early Access owners of the Game-Only Edition will be automatically upgraded to the launch version of Planetoid Pioneers, with all the Crush2D live-editing tools unlocked.
The Contributor Edition will continue to offer everything in the regular edition, and also grants access to the official Discord server, where contributors can collaborate on and seamlessly share new content with the developers and each other.
To celebrate the upcoming release of Planetoid Pioneers, Data Realms’ first game, Cortex Command, will be available to download for free on Feb. 3-4 on Steam.
Source: PR