Pixelfest, a New Venture for Confident Gamers

Next weekend Confident Gamers will be heading to PixelFest in Virginia for the first time.

We stumbled across PixelFest on Twitter and were instantly interested in attending for ourselves. We are intrigued by their story, how it started and excited for the potential it has. 

How they started …

It began with Midnight Status, a local indie game development studio. They went to Slover Library to see what it would cost to rent some space for a game jam. (A game jam is a weekend long event in which artists and programmers team-up to create their own games!) The people at Slover loved the idea so much that they reserved the entire library for one weekend at no cost!

Even if you are not a developer or programmer this is a great event to attend and participate. PixelFest promises to deliver 3 days full of activities for gamers to enjoy including celebrating the joy and art of gaming: programming boot-camps, a Smash Bros tournament, Minecraft blocks for toddlers, board games, an arcade, and more.

We will be taking a four man crew to this event and hope to come back with loads of details and interviews for you to enjoy.