PAST CURE February Launch and Behind the Screens

Phantom 8 peels back the curtains for a brief peek behind the scenes of their upcoming game PAST CURE. 

PAST CURE is a psychological action thriller which places you in the role of Ian, a former elite soldier. You are plagued with nightmares from experimentation and torture in prison, you have confined yourself to your brother’s safe house.  Maybe because of the trauma you have been through, possibly, you have gained telekinetic abilities which causes you to walk a thin line between reality and hallucinations. Now you are on a discovery to find answers to your predicament with the help of your brother.

“Developed by a team of only eight, we aim to showcase that desire, talent and ambition can help you deliver a title that stands apart from what’s traditionally expected from an Indie studio. PAST CURE is our first title, and having secured multiple awards throughout its development, the team is excited to finally have the game out in the wild.” – Simon Gerdesmann, Managing Director, Phantom 8


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PAST CURE will be available soon for pre-order and purchase on Steam, Green Man Gaming, Fanatical and other leading digital distribution platforms. Bonus content for digital and physical pre-orders will be announced soon. The physical retail release of PAST CURE can be pre-ordered now for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One at a wide range of retailers, including AmazonBest BuyGamestop and Target.

PAST CURE will release worldwide on February 23, 2018 for $29.99/£29.99/€29.99. For more information about PAST CURE, please visit



Source: PR