Party Hard 2 Xmas Alpha

It’s the holiday time, so that means it’s time to shut the party down and PARTY HARD!

TinyBuild just release the alpha for Party Hard 2 Xmas and you can go download it and play for FREE!


If you are unfamiliar with the Party Hard series, Part Hard is a stealth strategy game about stopping parties by any means. Party Hard was developed by Independent Game Developers Pinokl Games and produced by tinyBuild.

No strings attached, head over to the Party Hard official site and try out Party Hard 2 Xmas.

You can checkout two builds of Party Hard: Alpha 1 and Xmas Alpha. These you a basic idea of what to expect of the game’s mechanics and visuals. It features:

  • Two distinct locations

  • Item pick-ups & new inventory system

  • Teleports system like in Party Hard 1

  • Destructible environments and dark humor you’d expect from Party Hard


While there, if you would like, maybe consider pre-ordering.

By pre-ordering here are some niffy benefits:

  • Get Alpha Access

  • Get Full Game on Launch

  • Show love for indie devs

Win a Key for the original Party Hard!

TinyBuild will be giving away 20 Steam keys for the original Party Hard. For a chance to win, simply