Pandemic Express out now

Pandemic Express Zombie Escape Out Now

Independent Developers TALLBOYS and TinyBuild’s craze Zombie panic game Pandemic Express is now out on Steam!

In Pandemic Express – Zombie Escape, a group of humans try to outrun a player-controlled swarm of infected. Everyone spawns in a train station until one is randomly infected and needs to turn fleeing survivors into zombies. Survivors try to escape by train. (from Steam description)

Everything starts with 20 players. One gets infected, and the chaos begins. As the zombie, you has to spread the infection turning everyone into zombies. As a human player, you need to make an escape. This is where the train comes in. Make your way to the train, and fight off the never ending waves of zombies.

Pandemic Express Out Now on Stream
Pandemic Express Out Now on Stream

Playing as a Human

  • Loot: Find gear in abandoned houses
  • Cooperate: Work with teammates to survive
  • Fight: Kill zombies with anything you have

Playing as a Zombie

  • Resurrect: Respawn instantly at the location of your choosing
  • Hunt: Find the humans hiding around the map
  • Annihilate: Infect everyone!

Right now, Pandemic Express is retailing for $14.99, but at launch it’s below $10. Even better, there is a 1+1 Promotion which will lasts for 7 days. When you get Pandemic Express, you get an additional copy for a friend!

Not good enough? How about a giveaway? 50 Pandemic Express keys will be given away. For a chance to win, simply: