One Hit Die – Legend of the Lich Lord Review

Creative, Funny, Entertaining and Action Packed. All words that describe the short movie series One Hit Die’s Legend of the Lich Lord.

When we first heard about the One Hit Die series Legend of the Lich Lord I immediately knew it would be an interesting watch. They had me at … trailer (which is included below). But for real, we sat down and in one sitting had watched the entire series which had us rolling basically the entire time.

The direction that the writer/director Spencer Estabrooks took the movie as well as each individual character was very well thought out and depicted during each of the 10 short films that made up the series. You are given the opportunity to learn about and get to really enjoy each of the characters in the series, and follow them at a pace that was comfortable and didn’t distract from the main story line, which is helping the “chosen one” save the world from total destruction from the Lich Lord.
lich lord
The cinematography used throughout the movie was equally appealing. The way we would bounce back and forth between the main storyline to hear form individual characters and what they are thinking about the particular scene was a nice touch. Including the way the camera man works those mini spot light times is nice as key phrases and witty remarks are emphasized with the camera zooming in or out as they speak. I have seen this technique used before and it was clear the team of One Hit Die knew how to use it well.

One Hit Die is packed with an very well written storyline filled with plot twists and an amazing level of humor along the way. Without spoiling anything for you, in this mini series, which if you add all the time together you get about 1.5 hours worth of great story and action, you are following a team of 4 individuals who are brought together with supposedly one main purpose and will do whatever they can to achieve that purpose. In your team is the chosen one, chosen from birth to save the world from some unknown threat. After years of traveling together they finally land upon the threat the chosen one had been waiting for and are presented with the mission to save the world. During their journey you are exposed to insight and truths into each character that help add different levels of entertainment to the movie and also quirky plot twists along the way.

The editing of the movie was also extremely smooth and very professional. The transitions from scene to scene are very smooth and seamless. There are points that included computer-generated graphics and animation that was not overly done and matched the tone and style of the rest of the movie. All the special effects seemed as if it would fit in this world of elves, wizards and zombies.
The costumes are really what caught my attention first. Each character (including some some ‘alter’ characters) dons an attire completely fitting for their role in the movie. The wizard, paladin, rogue and the warrior fighter all have costumes that fit not only the type of role that they play but also their personalities as well. The costume designer, Odessa Bennent did an excellent job at matching the costumes to the person.
One Hit Die
When it comes to the setting the entire movie is filmed outdoor in the woods. You spend a brief moment in the beginning inside a room where a special object is looted … sorry heroically retrieved. Other than that you are taken to a set that is primarily in a forest as the characters set on a journey to find the Lich Lord to defeat him. You come across different characters along your travel including Willard, the Druidr who is clearly meant to be in this woodly setting. The team behind One Hit Die certainly make good use of the outdoor setting and all that nature could provide for them at the time.

Lastly the final bit of the series that was done extremely well was the soundtrack and sound effects behind the action and acting of each scene. Beau Shiminsky is the sound engineer behind the project and you can tell he had taken the time and consideration for each scene to make sure that what you heard behind each key moment and turn of events matched and sometimes even set the tone for what the director wanted you to feel at that moment. And the original music by Bruno Valenti was equally impressive and had just the right amount of dramatic flare for an adventure quest such as this one.

Overall you can tell we were very impressed with the movie. The only reason I didn’t give it a 10/10 is because I wanted to see at least one person walk away with a lasting romance. Sorry if that creates any spoilers for some of you but yeah … I am a girly girly sometimes.
We are hoping to connect with the team behind One Hit Die for a possible interview, until then here are some Behind the Scenes images of series.

Anyway .. the entire 10 episodes of One Hie Die – Legend of the Lich Lord is free of you to watch now on their website While there be sure to check out other projects that they have worked on, I am sure you will enjoy them all.




Character Development


Effects/Costumes etc.


Overall presentation



  • Great storyline
  • Actors really brought their characters alive


  • Short, left us wanting more.