Meeting Indie Assault at Super Smash Con

While attending Super Smash Con as the pull of their first year at hosting a successful convention highlighting and showcasing the history of Nintendo’s Smash Bros and all it’s glory we met up with Jared Gingerich of Imagination Vent and test out their game Indie Assault.

Imagination Vent, LLC  is a indie console developer that was formed 2013 by Gingerich and currently based in San Diego, California. They are currently working on their first game titled Indie Assault.


Indie Assault has an all indie licensed roster with distinctive fighting styles that allows for it to be perfect for both competitive and casual gamers. Controls are made to be intuitive so that anyone would be able  to pick up and play. Indie Assault’s gameplay is fast paced, and action-packed and  will provide entertainment for competitive and casual players alike. 

indie assault

PlayStation 4, Steam, and PlayStation Vita fighting game now available via Steam “Early Access.” Check out their launch trailer here.