Last Year: The Nightmare Releases TOMORROW!

Are you ready to survive Last Year: The Nightmare? Hope you are because it becomes available TOMORROW!

Last Year: The Nightmare is the 5v1 online action survival game from developers Elastic Games.

In Last Year: The Nightmare, five players each take the role of teenagers as they try to survive the killer, controlled by a single player, and escape East Side High School. The teenagers are able to arm themselves with various weapons such as bats, guns, and other improvised items to help them fight back against the killer. By using strategy and teamwork, it will help them to make it out alive. As the killer, you can be one of three killers, The Strangler, The Slasher, or The Giant. Each killer has their own skill set and abilities.

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Even more exciting news is that Elastic Games has confirmed that Last Year: The Nightmare will be seeing much support post-launch which will include content updates as well as multi platform release in 2019.

Last Year: The Nightmare will be available tomorrow for $29.99 on the Discord Store, the game is launching through the “First to Discord” program.

Source: PR