Kova Kickstarter is Live

Along with the announcement of Black Hive Media’s first PC game project, Kova, comes the announcement of their Kickstarter campaign

As of the writing of this article, Day 1 of Kova’s campaign, they are at $1,411 of their $28,000 goal with 54 backers. The campaign will be ending on April 27th.

We wrote about the announcement of Kova which you can read and where you can get the details of the game. Here we want to focus on the Kickstarter campaign. First of all be sure you check out the trailer below.


Kova is beautiful and stylized first of the bat. It also pulls from well know 2D RPG side-scrollers and looks to offer and fulfill your sci-fi adventure spirits. Kova is filled with campaigns and side missions between 3 Factions that can affect your interactions between NPC.


Kova will also offer exploration, a leveling-up system, a crafting system, as well as an original sound track which you can sample below.

The Kickstater campaign has 14 Tiers of support and rewards, so there is tier of support for everyone to see this project get funded.

Below, you can see how the breakdown of support will take place.


Folks, it’s independent games and developers such as these that make the games we always ask for and need to support. If you want to support Black Hive Media and the PC game project Kova, then click the link to head over to their Kickstarter Campaign.

Kova Kickstarter Campaign

While there, you’ll be able to check out the project in more details, as well as ask any questions you might have.

Full disclosure, Confident Gamers has pledged support for this Kickstarter campaign, because, well, from what we have read and seen, we think it’s a sweet project and we want to see it come to light and play this game!

Folks, let’s make it happen!