Ironcast Launching on the Nintendo Switch

Load up your steampunk mechs and prepare to dominate! Ironcast is coming for the Nintendo Switch.
Developer Dreadbit and publishers Ripstone Publishing has just announced today that their steampunk turn based mech combat game Ironcast will be launching this Summer for the Nintendo Switch.

If you are not familiar with Ironcast, it takes place in an alternate 1880’s Victorian England where weaponized mechs are used to defend the British Empire. You play as a Commander of the Consortium of Merit and you are on the front lines and tasked with special missions to take out the invading enemy forces.

The way how battles are conducted in Ironcast is every mech is powered by nodes. The player would need to be strategic on whether they used the nodes to attack and cripple and destroy the enemy or choose to be defensive and strengthen their own mech to shield from the incoming attacks of the enemy. Ironcast also features randomly generated missions with over 50 unlockable items and the potential for rare enemy loot drops.

Ironcasts is right at home and looks to be a perfect fit on the Nintendo Switch. The Nintendo Switch offers up four plays of playing Ironcast. You can choose to play on your television with the Nintendo Switch docked, play in tabletop mode with the Pro Controller, Handheld mode with use of the Joy-Con controllers or use the Nintendo Switch’s full touch screen functionality. Even better is the HD rumble support will have you feeling each take and making them ever more enjoyable.

Ripstone and developer Dreadbit are giving an exclusive first look at the game live on Twitch today, with hints and tips on how to win the fight for queen and country! Check them out on from 1pm EST (10am PDT).

You can check out the Nintendo Switch Irancast launch trailer below.


Ripstone will be at E3 in June providing the first hands on look at Ironcast on Nintendo Switch!

Source: PR