How Confident Gamers Rates Games

One of the many things that we here at Confident Gamers are passionate about is ensuring that our readers feel equipped and informed to make the best and most entertaining gaming purchases ever. We want to educate you about the game, how it plays and if it is worth the value you are about to invest. To help us do this we have established and official gaming rating system for all the reviews we provide. All games we review

Leave It – (Don’t even waste your time. A forgettable experience that no one else but us should endure.)

Rent It – (The game is not worthy of a purchase, but may warrant a playthrough if you have a Gamefly or Redbox account, or live near a mom and pop video store that still rents video games.)

Fence It – (This is an average game.  Run of the mill. Some good, some bad. Not a complete waste of time. Renting and buying are both options and your money won’t feel wasted.)

Grab It – (Very good game that will provide you with a lasting experience. You will definitely enjoy it and more than likely recommend it to your friends and family.)

Own It – (A game that begs that question. A game that should have been owned yesterday. A flawless and perfect masterpiece that should not be missed by any gamer whatsoever.