Headsnatchers Steam Early Access in July

Grab a couple of your friends together, go insane and grab each other’s heads!

Pulling inspiration from some of Japan’s insane game show, independent developers IguanaBee brings Headsnatchers to Steam Early Access on July 10th.

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Headsnatchers brings both a crazy 4 player couch co-op and online fun, as well as a single player mode called Zombie Conquest, with one main game goal to grab your opponent’s head and do something with it in a variety of wacky mini-games. This might include kicking a field goal with their head or flushing them down a giant toilet.

In Headsnacthers, you are able to customized dozens of freaky heads or take it to the next level and use the comprehensive head-design tool and come up with your own head creation.

“We had a lot of fun showing this game at PAX East where people were in fits of laughter playing it. We are eager to start receiving players’ feedback in this early access phase and polish the game with final tweaks.” – Erik Schreuder, CEO of Iceberg Interactive.

Headsnatchers Early Access key features include:

•           Online and Local Multiplayer mayhem, supporting up to 4 players
•           Four game modes, 25+ unique levels of frantic fun
•           Single-player Zombie mode, for when you just want some me-time
•           Customize your character by choosing from 100+ loony heads
•           Create your own heads using the visual editor


Headsnatchers is set for a Steam Early Access release on July 10th and releasing on consoles later this year.