Hazewalker now on Kickstarter

UPDATE: please see comment below regarding the cancelled state of the Kickstarter.

Hazewalker, A painterly 2.5D Metroidvania about harnessing the power that destroyed your homeland in order to save it, is now looking for backers on Kickstarter. We backed them and here is why.

Hazewalker, the upcoming dark fantasy action-adventure video game, has begun its Kickstarter campaign, TheoryForm Games announced.

In Hazewalker, players will take on the role of Falken, the one person able to resist the effects of an ancient curse known as the Haze. Players can expect challenging exploration and visceral combat, as well as more RPG-oriented features like conversing with interesting characters, finding and crafting equipment, augmenting your weapons with powerful enchantments, reading in-game books, and more.

Accompanying the campaign, TheoryForm, the developers of Hazewalker, has also released the first pre-Alpha playable demo for Hazewalker. The demo is set in “Sharp’s Point”, one of the first areas of the game, and demonstrates some of the core gameplay elements as players navigate through a ruined mountain complex to reach the watchtower at the peak. Links to the demo on PC, Mac, and Linux can be found on the Kickstarter campaign page.

TheoryForm is an indie developer formed just last year out of Alabama and made up of several industry veterans and proven content creators dedicated to creating rich, immersive experiences.

Please be sure to head over to their Kickstart Campaign today and see what level of a backer you can participate with today.

You can find out more about the game and the developers here:

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