GUNNAR Liquet Lens Review

Being an avid gamer now for most of my life as well as sitting in front of a computer screen easily for 4 to 6 hours of my work days, never did it cross my mind that my eyes have being trying to warn me that they were not happy. The need to do those long blinks during a lengthy gaming session or the slight blurring of my monitor were all signs that I have been suffering from eye-strain or eye fatigue. The thing is I would have just continued doing what I was doing, not thinking anything of it or even thought of needing to do anything about it.

That is until I came across GUNNAR Optiks.


The GUNNAR company has developed its own technology in the area of digital eyewear with a focus of bringing awareness of proper eye health by reducing digital eye strain, improving eye protection and improving comfort and focus. The way GUNNAR is going about this, is with its patented computer eyewear against the artificial Blue Light that is emitted from computer monitors, tablets, phones and television screens.

According to The Vision Council, over 83% of Americans use digital devices over 2 hours a day and as a result digital eye strain is on the raise with the highest group being those ages 18 to 39 years of age. Some symptoms of eye strain include dry eyes, headaches, blurred vision, even neck and shoulder pain.

GUNNAR patented eyewear lens design is highly wrapped to limit air currents near the eyes which increase humidity while preventing irritation as well as having a design that enhance focus and sharpens details. The lens material is ultra-light yet durable and won’t degrade over time. The lens is tinted to block blue light and UV light as well as having an outer coating which both reduces glare and reflective light and durable to resist scratches.

Tint Styles

GUNNAR lenses come in 4 tint types:

  • AMBER (BPF 65)

The signature Amber lens tint offers the best enhancement of contrast and visual performance while minimizing screen glare and diminishing the harshest parts of the color spectrum. Our signature Amber lens tint filters 65% of harmful high-intensity blue light.

  • LIQUET (BPF 35)

The GUNNAR Liquet lens is the in-between solution for those who need a balanced color spectrum as well as protection from artificial blue light. The GUNNAR Liquet lens blocks 35% of artificial blue light without the tint so your creativity won’t be inhibited, and your eyes will feel much more relaxed at the same time.


The Crystalline lens tint is designed specifically for graphic designers, video/film editors and creative visual artists who require an equally balanced color spectrum. If your profession requires you to work in true color, then this lens option is for you. The Crystalline lens filters 10% of harmful high-intensity blue light.

  • OUTDOOR (BPF 90)

Our Outdoor lens tint creates a more comfortable and rich visual experience for anyone viewing digital devices outdoors. When you need to go outside and face the sun’s harsh ultraviolet rays, you need the GUNNAR Outdoor lens. The Outdoor lens filters all harmful UVA and UVB light while still allowing you to see your screens.

My Experience

So being that I have never owned a pair of digital eyewear, I was very interested in finding out how or if wearing these GUNNAR Optik Liquet Lens eyewear would even be noticeable. So, for the next 2 weeks after receiving the glasses, I decided to use them extensively in all of my everyday environments. The first place was at my place of employment where easily 90% of my day is spent in front of a computer monitor. One thing I really liked about the GUNNAR’s was the fact that there was literally no distortion of my screen because of the lenses and the Liquet Lens, with its slightly tinted color, really caused everything to “pop” with color.

I wore the eyewear everyday for a week then chose to not wear them for a day to see if I could notice anything different. To my surprise, I actually did. During the times I was wear the eyewear, I did notice that by the end of the work day, I wasn’t squinting as much or doing those long hard blinking. Also, I wasn’t having the urge to step away from my computer as often. On the day or two when I wasn’t wearing the eyewear, seeing that now I was paying attention to my eyes, by the end of those days, I had those previous symptoms of eye strain.

Also something to mention is just how light weight the eyewear is. For someone who doesn’t wear glasses, I rarely even notice them.

When I wasn’t at work, the next large amount of time in front of a monitor or screen was while I was gaming. I either game in front of a 65 inch 4k television or on PC on a 32 inch monitor. Either ways, my gaming session can run 3 to 6 hours easily. Wearing the GUNNAR Optik Liquet Lens eyewear, definitely made a difference enough to on those days I gamed without the eyewear, I noticed. I seriously doubt I will be gaming without wearing these eyewear going forward.


After receiving a release about digital eyewear which primed my curiosity, which them pushed me to read what exactly digital eyewear was all about, to then learn about symptoms that I have been suffering from for a while now, to being able to receive and wear a pair of eyewear specifically designed to eliminate eyestrain, I can say it’s been a win win situation. I have noticed such a difference that my GUNNAR’s go pretty much everywhere I go. It also helps that the eyewear that I do have is very stylish and I have been receiving many complements which is a total boost to the ole ego. I have no problem with that at all.

Another thing I really like is that I you head over to the GUNNAR site, you will be about to browse through the many different styles, sizes, tints, and shapes of digital eyewear they have to offer. Yet another bonus is the fact that GUNNAR offers prescription options. So if you wear prescription lenses, you don’t have to choose one over the other. You could have your GUNNAR eyewear with your prescription.

This experience has really opened my eyes, pun intended, to the whole area of digital eyewear and the affects of Blue Light and eye strain. I really want to thank GUNNAR for giving myself and Confident Gamers an opportunity to experience the new GUNNAR Optik Liquet Lens.