Gunman Clive Review (3DS): Clint Eastwood meets MegaMan and Mario!

Ok class, let’s continue our review with Confident Gamers test item #27. Quite a few of you missed this question despite it being one of the easier items on this exam. This item simply wanted you to select the best classification for the following items:

A king sized bag of peanut M&M’s;

Two blueberry caked dunkin donuts;

A Big Mac sandwich with extra mac sauce;

Gunman Clive!

Yes ladies and gents, the obvious answer here was indeed answer choice C: Great ways to spend change found in your car ashtray. Fortunately, I’m in a great mood today so I decided to give partial credit to those of you who selected answer choice G: Great ways to spend change found in your mother-in-law’s couch. Close enough.



Yesterday, Gunman Clive was released in the North American Nintendo 3DS eshop for the purchase price of $1.99. If the name of this game sounds a little familiar, you may have already played this game on your Iphone or Android based smartphone. However this time around, for us more than casual gamers, there’s no need to worry about the nagging virtual controls on your phone thanks to the much preferred physical thumbstick, dpad, and buttons on your 3DS. Without question, this gives you better control of your gunslinger from the West. Not to mention a few extras that come along with this version as well that you’ll come to enjoy.

The best way that I can describe this great game: Clint Eastwood meets Mega Man and Mario. Developed by a two-man team led by Bertil Horberg, this action shooting platformer immediately had me hooked for hours as it brought back a particular feel reminiscent of the retro platformers of my childhood. The influence of Mega Man and Mario are rich here and simply cannot be ignored, yet Gunman Clive still feels like its own game. This is due to the old western type setting, highlighted by an unique artstyle, enhanced by the stereoscopic 3D. This is a game that you’ll play mostly in 3D, the visuals are great. The soundtrack is just as good if not better.



As for the gameplay, you have options. There are 3 controllable characters, one of whom is hidden and must be unlocked. You can begin the game starring as our cowboy hero Clive and set off on a journey to rescue Ms. Johnson, your kidnapped damsel in distress. Or….you can begin as Ms. Johnson on a quest to rescue the kidnapped Clive. The difference? Clive is a little faster than Ms. Johnson, however Ms. Johnson has the ability to float in the air for a short while ala Princess Peach, making platform landing much easier. You can also choose between 3 difficulty levels, brilliantly catering to those who just want to play for 5 minutes up to those who want to spend more time challenging themselves.



At the time of this post, there are 30 submitted ratings on the 3DS eshop for Gunman Clive. ALL 30 submissions have rated this game 5-stars, a perfect sweep! Again, not a single rating below perfection thus far which speaks volumes. I have no problems echoing the sentiments of the 30 people who took the time to submit their ratings. Gunman Clive is 20 levels of side-scrolling platforming goodness. The only downfall is that the game is too short, however considering the $2 price tag, this is an absolute bargain and a must own. Check out the trailer below.

Score: 10/10

Source: YouTube

– JayDubb