Got a beef? Settle it in Smash!

Ten days! 10 days! Diez Dias! Dix Jours! No matter how you slice it, spell it, or translate it…it all means the same thing. Smash Brothers for WiiU is right around the corner.

And guess what? The “better late than never” TV spots are starting to roll in as we get close.

Have a quick look below at the Smash Brothers commercial. Here’s the funny thing though, I never actually see these commercials outside of YouTube. Meanwhile, I can turn on the TV right now and in less than 30 minutes see the live action trailer for Call of Duty Advanced Warfare no less than seven times. That number increases to a gazillion times when we talk about Destiny before it was released.

But outside of the GREAT Nintendo Directs….that only Nintendo fans watch…my favorite company is still miles behind the curve when it comes to effective marketing. I digress. That’s a debate for another day, this is a happy time.

Smash is almost here.