Getting Lost in Black Tower Enigma

This past weekend as part of our Extra Life Campaign to raise money for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals Confident Gamers played 24 hours worth of various games. One of which included the newly released indie game Black Tower Enigma.

Black Tower Enigma is a retro style riddle/puzzle fantasy adventure being developed for Mac, PC, iOs and Android, here you play as Wigo, the orc, whose wife has been kidnapped and taken up to the skies by a magic dress gifted by a mysterious fairy. As Wigo saw his wife going up to the skies he went to the tallest building known in the continent: The Black Tower Enigma. Inside the Black Tower Enigma Wigo has to solve some riddles and challenges in order to climb up and find some clues to find his wife.

If you like puzzle games that make you really think beyond the game, this will be the game for you. The objective of the game is to get higher and higher in the tower to rescue your kidnapped wife. In order to progress to each floor of the tower you must solve the riddle on that floor. There are books and items around each room that will give you clues to consider to aid you in solving the riddle.

The tricky part is that the clues given are not necessarily for the level you are on. Once you unlock the stair well to the next level you can move forward and backward. So if you come across a puzzle that seems like it may be related to a clue you read previously you can always go back to the completed floors to rediscover the clues to aid you in completing the puzzle.

Mixed in with the clues are little tidbits of the storyline regarding the characters, their history, personality and some non-sensical facts. These help you stay engaged with the storyline and wonder more about what is really going on behind the kidnapping.

This is a great game to play alone or with friends that can help you solve each riddle. Based on our non-numeric rating system we give Black Tower Enigma a Grab It! It is fun, entertaining, makes you really think and the storyline and characters rememberable. You will enjoy it.

If you want to learn more, or find out how to purchase the game check out the websites below.

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