Gears of War March Updates

Look alive Gears of War 4 fans. We have information on the March update dropping today, if not, this week, or very soon.

The March update brings about two new maps, some changes to the Gnasher, and also changes to the Rank Lobby System.

New Multiplayer Maps

The two new maps coming with the March update are Diner and Old Town. For Season Pass Holders, these maps will be available in the Developer Playlist. Also, they will have Double XP and 20% Bonus Credits. For everyone else, as of March 14th, they will be placed in the regular rotation. You can check out a fly through of both maps and their description below.


A lone neon-lit Diner in a dusty wasteland is the latest battleground in Gears 4! Developed over the course of the last 18 months, this map represents one of the most refined tactical experiences yet seen in a map from The Coalition.

Combat inside the Diner is intense and claustrophobic as you fight for control of the kitchen and Sniper Spawn. Expect smaller engagements that demand close-quarters skills to come out on top.

The parking lot is a more open affair where the focus shifts to ranged combat. Work as a team and win the outside and open up new flanks to catch out your opponents in the Diner!

Old Town

Old Town is back! One of the standout maps from Gears of War 3, this map has been re-imagined in a snowy UIR Costal town, complete with a looming UIR Base lurking in the background.

Old Town features the same layout fans know and love, with its clearly defined three lanes and asymmetrical elevation change from low to high. Fight over the Torque and Sniper under the Belltower, stall to stall in the market, or hunkered down in the tight, long sight-lined alleyway.

With new weapon swaps, the dynamics of the critical alleyway fight have evolved. One round will force the fight into close range with the addition of the Overkill shotgun, while the other will encourage ranged combat thanks to the new Markza pickups. Win the fight to claim the Boomshot or – new to Gears of War 4 – Dropshot that spawns here.

Gnasher Improvements

There seems to have been some inconsistencies when it came to the Gnashers hit area and up close power. Basically it was hit or miss. Well, thanks to enough voices of concern, there have been some improvements and adjustments done which we hope will fix this issue. You can check out the video also below.


Ranked Lobby System


The new changes to the Ranked Lobby System for Core and Competitive playlists, thanks to the update, will feature the following features and improvements:


  • Pre-game Lobby with map voting, bounty selection, and customization options
  • Count down cancels if player(s) quit prior to start of match
  • After matches, automatic return to lobby without having to manually restart


Stay tuned for even more updates coming in March.

Source: PR
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