Gaming Musicians at their Finest in Washington

Last year we had the privileged and honor of witnessing not only the preparation but the final product of the Washington Metropolitan Gamer Symphony Orchestra in action.

When we found last month that we had our very own local gaming orchestra we knew we just had to get involved and see what they had to offer.

The Washington Metropolitan Gamer Symphony Orchestra, a group of talented musicians and vocalists that got together in the summer of 2012, is setting the gaming music tone for the DC metro area. Their mission and purpose is to bring orchestral video game music to the local community in a ensemble setting.  Drawing on the enthusiasm of local musicians, the WMGSO’s performances strive to draw new audiences to both video game music and orchestral concerts. And to bring the group together, after careful consideration and preparation, the WMGSO’s acting board of directors collected a repertoire and brought aboard Nigel Horne as music director and conductor.

We had the honor of attending not only one of their winter 2014 performances but also one of their rehearsals to see just how hard the prepared for their shows. Here is just a taste of what they bring.

For more information on their upcoming show schedule for 2015 please check them out:

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