Gamevice | Generation 2 | REVIEW

Your mobile gaming experience enhanced! This is our REVIEW of Gamevice’s Mobile Game Controller.

I am a big fan of mobile games. But I haven’t always been a fan of trying to play certain games using the touch screen interface provided. So when GameVice reached out to us and provided a device that we could add to our phones I was very eager to jump right in and get started.

Before we share about our first experience let’s give you some insight on the device itself. We were provided with the model fit for an iPhone 7.

If you have an iPhone then you know that the current iPhone range is just about the most powerful handheld gaming device you could put in your pocket. Retina display for super crisp graphics and A9 (iPhone 6s, 6s Plus) / A10 (iPhone 7, 7 Plus) processors for mega fast game play. When you add the Gamevice to your phone together they pack the same punch as your console with all of the triggers, buttons and joysticks you need for the ultimate mobile console experience.

The unit that we reviewed was compatible with the following iPhone versions:  iPhone 7 / 7 Plus, iPhone 6s / 6s Plus, iPhone 6 / 6 Plus.

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The first game I picked up to try was Minecraft. I had attempted to play it a few times with my kids but never seemed to enjoy it as much as I did when playing with them on the Xbox. Moving around, breaking blocks, simple things were just cumbersome for me. But once I tried with the Gamevice my gaming experience completely changed. And thankfully there was no real installation or processing needed. I just put my phone inside and it automatically recognized the system and started to work. Immediately I was up and playing, and honestly ended up spending about 3 hours playing with kids.

The controls adapt to meet each games needs and set up. GameVice has an app that allows you to see all the current games currently compatible with the system. The Gamevice sports:

Dual Analog Joysticks
A,B,X,Y Buttons
L1, R1 Bumpers
L2, R2 Triggers
Menu Button

Basically all the necessary buttons needed to pretty much all gaming needs.

What’s another great feature of the Gamevice is the fact that when using it, there is no need to remove your phone when needing to charge or put in headphones. For input/output, it features: a 3.5mm Headphone Jack, Lightning Receptacle, Lightning Connector, and a 4 LED indicator.

This Gamevice model is very portable and lightweight. Measuring 10.5 x 3.5 x 1.2 in (268 x 90 x 31 mm) and weighting 0.28 lb (0.13 kg). It doesn’t need any batteries because it’s powered by the iPhone. Have no worries because it draws no more power than headsets do. The Gamevice also has improved thumb sticks that have been upgraded to be more ergonomic and comfortable offering better controls.

Game wise, the Gamevice app offers over 900 supported iOS games. The app is free and available through the Apple App Store.

I did notice a few times when playing that I would need to click the control (triggers, buttons or thumb sticks) more than once for it to respond. During a game like Minecraft that is just annoying but if playing something like a button smash, combo building game that can probably be a real deal breaker. Anytime the connection got fuzzy or unresponsive simply disconnecting and reconnecting the device cleared things upright away.

The Gamevice Mobile Game Controller is available for the iPhone, iPad mini, iPad Air and iPad Pro all for the price of $99.95. Also available are two bundles, a Street Fighter Bundled Edition and a Walking Dead Bundled Edition. Each Bundled Edition comes with free download of the respective games. We also have to note that Gamevice is also available for pre-order for Android devices, Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ for $69.95 ($79.95 regular price) and the Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 Edge for $54.95 ($59.95 regular price).

You can check out our review video below.

Be sure to head over to Gamevice and check out all they have to offer.



***Disclosure: Confident Gamers was provided a Gamevice Mobile Controller unit for review purposes***