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Gamevice Celebrates Fortnite Season 8 with Price Drop

Fortnite Season 8 has begun and the mobile controller mark Gamevice has the perfect way to celebrate.

The mobile game controller maker Gamevice, be sure to check out our review and coverage, has really position themselves in the mobile game market by offering a mobile game controller that is compatible with the very popular mobile version of Fortnite.

Fortnite Mobile players have been at a disadvantage when facing off with their console and PC counterparts. With the latest update to Fortnite Mobile, controller support was finally enabled. This has allowed for use of the Gamevice Mobile Controller to level the playing field.

For a limited time, Gamevice is offering a very enticing sale. The mobile controller, which is usually priced at $79.99, is now priced at $49.99!

Not bad at all!

Just to let you know, the Gamevice Mobile game controller comes in versions compatibile for both Apple and Android devices.

You can check out what available for the various versions over at as well over at Amazon.

Fortnite is now optimized for mobile controllers and Gamevice has a direct Lightning connection delivering the precision of a low latency controller coupled with 60 FPS on iOS. Download Gamevice Live on the App Store and Google Play to browse the 1,000+ games that are compatible with the Gamevice mobile controller! Gamevice is the best Apple MFi partner with direct Lightning support, making it the most responsive controller for iOS devices.

Source: PR