Gamevice Fortnite Mobile

Fortnite Mobile NOW Controller Compatible

Yesterday, a major update to the highly popular Fortnite Mobile game. That update, Fortnite Mobile is now controller compatible. Your Gamevice Mobile game controller now works with Fortnite Mobile!

We have covered the Gamevice Mobile game controller in the past, unboxing and reviewing, over all experience, we love our Gamevice controller.

Gamevice announced that its controller is now compatible with Fortnite mobile for iOS and now some Android devices. Fortnite mobile for the most part was identical to its counterpart on the PC and console, but was limited by being only touchscreen only. This was a slight disadvantage, seeing that Fortnite Mobile is cross platform, against the PC and consoles. With this update, the playing field is a little bit more level.

The 7.3 update added full controller support for iOS and Android devices.

With prices starting at $59.95, Gamevice provides lightning-fast control to video games and mobile controlled gadgets for popular iOS and Android smartphones or tablets on the market.

Below is a demo video we made showing the Gamevice Mobile controller in action with Fortnite Mobile.