Fallout Shelter Review


Welcome to Vault 240, I am your Overseer, all are welcomed. Do your jobs and we’ll all survive. This is our Fallou Shelter review.

Back during the Bethesda E3 2015 E3 Showcase, Bethesda Game Studios made an announcement that many were clammer for. That announcement, the release date of the highly anticipated game Fallout 4. To tie everyone over, Bethesda made another announcement, a free mobile game called Fallout Shelter. And that’s where our life as a vault Overseer begins.


The premise of Fallout Shelter is you as the Overseer of your vault, manages and maintains the personnel and functions of everything. You make sure everyone has what they need and are happy. Think of it sort of like a Sims game. You start off naming your vault and then you are pretty much ready to go. You start off very basic, with the main entrance, two elevators, some caps, which is you currency, and living quarters.


During the beginning, Fallout Shelter does a great job holding your hand and introducing you to your role as the Overseer. You are shown how to build the necessary rooms, then getting and assigning Dwellers to the best area based on their S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Their SPECIAL is the attributes of the Dwellers. S= Strength, P= Perception, E= Endurance, C= Charisma, I= Intelligence, A= Agility, and L= Luck. There are 19 rooms to unlock. These rooms are unlocked by having a certain amount of Dwellers in your vault and yu need to have the caps to pay. It’s also good to know that each room enhances a certain attribute. To keep your Dwellers at their happiest, it’s best to place them in the room that goes with their strongest SPECIAL attribute. What’s also great is that there are certain types of training rooms that can be built that will help your Dweller gain or get stronger in a particular skill attribute.

Each room is also able to be upgraded which allows for more output in a shorter time. Along with that, you can place two of the same rooms next to each other and they will combine and create a larger room. Once a room has finished making its produce and ready to be collected, simply tap the blinking icon. You’ll receive that product along with some caps. Fallout Shelter also has various challenges and achievements that once completed will yield extra caps and even special rewards.


In order to gain more caps and armor and weapons, you will need to send out one or as many Dwellers out into the Wasteland. But before you send them out you will need to equip them with weapons and better armor. The longer your Dweller stays out in the Wasteland, the more potential for finding better weapons and armor. However, the longer they stay out, the higher the chances of dying in the Wastelands. Fear not, because all is not lost. With enough caps you will be able to revive any downed Dweller. It would also be wise to equip them with some stimpaks and rad-away.

But how do you increase the population of your vault? There are a couple of ways. One, you could get special Wastelanders as a reward. Two, building a radio station to broadcast your signal out into the Wastelands, inviting wonders. Three, male + female = baby! Yes, you as the Overseer can bring together two of your Dwellers to start a time of love and from that have a baby, who will, over time grown up to be a contributor to the vault.

Seeing that the Wasteland is at many times a dangerous place, sometimes your vault will be attacked by Raiders, Deathclaws, to internal dangers such as fires and Radroach infestations. This is why having your Dwellers well equipped with proper attire and weapon.

You also want to make sure you keep your vault running well because each day, you will get a rating and a grade for your vault.



There is not much to be said about the graphics of Fallout Shelter. For a mobile game, Fallout Shelter looks very nice. Being able to zoom in close to the various rooms and see the close-up action even the fun interesting conversations of the Dwellers is great. While close up you can even see them working hard away at their tasks.


Fallout Shelter runs as long as you maintain the vault. You can continue to play, expanding your vault, birthing more children, and taking in Wasteland Wanders. In game app purchases are available but doesn’t really fall into the must do to succeed. If you do choose to make some of those Lunch Box in game purchases, you might get addicted because sometimes the loot included is pretty sweet.


Fallout Shelter is a great time-hold-me-over until the ever anticipated Fallout 4. This is definitely worth a pick up and try, besides free is like the best price.