Extra Life 2018 Fundraiser

Confident Gamers needs your support! On November 3rd, we’ll be taking part in this year’s Extra Life 24 hour gaming marathon. Here’s how you can help.

Here at Confident Gamers, our passion for video games and, as parents, our kids, is forefront. On November 3rd, Confident Gamers will be teaming up again with thousands of gamers worldwide to take part in a 24 hours gaming marathon to Play Games & Heal Kids thanks to Extra Life!

Confident Gamers is fundraising for the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals through the organization Extra Life.

Our fundraising goal is: $1,000.00 which is tax-deductible.

Please support our fundraising!

How do you do that?

  1. Head over to our Extra Life page. CLICK HERE!
  2. Choose a set amount to donate or choose your own amount.
  3. Fill out the form.
  4. You just helped some well deserved kids.

On November 3rd, Confident Gamers will be taking part in the nationwide drive to support Extra Life by gaming for 24hrs straight. You will be able to follow our journey in the following ways:

  1. Watch us game via our live stream TwitchTV channel
  2. Follow us on Instagram
  3. Follow us on our Facebook


Thanks in advance!