GIVEAWAY: Genetic Disaster Steam Keys

It’s time to test your friendships with some coop madness in Team8 Studio’s Genetic Disaster!

We have been blessed with a couple of Steam Keys to giveaway to our followers. Well, the two lucky ones that are randomly chosen that it. Those winners will get a chance to check out Team8 Studio’s twin-stick [un]cooperative shooter Genetic Disaster.

We did a write up about the unique features to the game, which click right here and go check it out. In the mean time, let’s wet your appetite with the trailer and get you entered in the Gleam giveaway portal which is the first step for a chance to win one of the two Steam Game Keys!

Two winners will be chosen at random at the end of the giveaway, which will be tomorrow, December 15th!

Genetic Disaster GIVEAWAY


Good Luck!