Ending World Hungry one Crunch at a Time

Gaming with a purpose! Playing a game while fighting world hunger.

There are various ways that people have shared that justify their gaming hobby by coupling it with a good purpose. Some of time these motivations truly hit it out of the park and make you want to pick the game and play for yourself. Hunger Crunch did just that for me.

We discovered Hunger Crunch recently when they started following us on twitter recently. I am the type of person to actually take the time and look at the people who decided that I was worthy enough to follow on twitter and decided to check out their game and watched the trailer. So glad I stopped to check it out because this is certainly an experience worth joining.


For too long, world hunger has destroyed the lives and ruined the dreams of children around the world. Hunger Crunch gives you the opportunity to fight back and have some fun at the same time. Hunger Crunch is a game for and by Rice Bowls, a nonprofit working to feed orphaned children where the need is greatest. When you play, you can help provide much-needed food to these awesome kids.


A lot of love, learning, and laughter. That’s what. We’re privileged to partner with some incredible children’s homes around the world. By providing all of their food, we free them up to make sure the kids in their care grow up to be strong leaders with bright futures. This 3 minute short film tells the story of one such child and shows the day-to-day life at one of our partner homes.
Learn more at RiceBowls.org.

This is more than just any game. 100% of in-game purchases goes to help feed orphaned kids around the world. You can download and play the game for free now for iOS, Android and Amazon.