Edge of Eternity

Let me set the stage for you:

Heyron, a peaceful world of is being threatened by an alien civilization which have now invaded the quiet violent free world, bringing with them a disease that will turn people and animals into a form of metal monsters. But the sudden darkness the hero, Daryon, now hunted by his own people must discover his true origin and destiny and  save his universe and their world from collapsing.

Sound fun?

If you say yes like I do then you will want to support this RPG set to release next year.

Edge Of Eternity is a RPG turn by turn based on the Final Fantasy 7 era combat system. The game take place on a space/medieval/steampunk universe and will feature a mature story and fancy graphics.Edge Of Eternity will be available on iOS / Android / Windows Phone 8 / Blackberry 10 / PSVita / Ouya / Wii U / Xbox One / Playstation 4 / PC / Mac and Linux.

The best part of this entire thing in my opinion is the fact that …

players will be able to sync their save between all platforms with their account allowing them to start a game outdoor on their phone and continue with their save on PC or Xbox for example.

Edge Of Eternity will be one of the first AAA mobile games : redefining the technical limits of mobile platforms with stunning graphics and featuring an amazing story with more than 20 hours of gameplay for the main quest.

If you like what you read and want to see more than put your money where your mouth is and support them. Edge Of Eternity will hit kickstarter the 20th September.

Here are some more details about the game if you want to learn more about where they are and where they are hoping to take the game.

Teaser website and Final Countdown is available at http://eoe.midgar-studio.com

For the music we will work with the Parisian Orchestra “Symphonifilm” who will interpret all “Edge Of Eternity” songs from our famous composer Cedric Menendez, they have interpreted the music of many famous french movies and games.

Here is a snippet of the music to come.

The Kickstarter Trailer will be interpreted by “Symphonifilm” too.

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About Midgar Studio

Midgar Studio  is a french independent studio created in  2008  after  5 years of existence we want to live fully our  passion : The  RPG  and especially the  J-RPG.