Dungeon Stars Early Access Preview Impression

Team up with your fellow Heroes to rescue your captured pets, loot dungeons and fight against the goblin hordes. A new take on the dungeon crawler game can be found in Dungeon Stars.

About Dungeon Stars

Dungeon Stars is a mash up of a side-scroller, endless runner, RPG, and hack and slash. In Dungeon Stars, developed by independent developers Furnace Games and published by Reposte Games & Co., you play as one of three heroes which you can switch on the fly, out of a total of fifteen, on a mission to destroy the goblins and rescue your magical pets. Your heroes will go through hundreds of dungeons with various difficulties, taking on different types of goblin enemy types, and in the process finding loot that you can equip to your heroes to help them be successful in their mission. Your heroes level up as they fight their way through the hordes and along with finding loot, you are also able to buy items from the store with the gold you finding in the dungeons. If you are lucky, you’ll find special stars that will allow you to access special gates to even better loot.

Key Features available with the Early Access launch of Dungeon Stars are:

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– Visually stunning blend of 3D lighting technology with hyper expressive 2D-Style characters.
Collect 15 charming and adventurous heroes, each with their own unique powers and special quests to perform. Team them up to take on various challenges.

– Simple and addictive action-combat that has heroes blasting through hordes of enemies.
Block powerful enemy attacks, Smash through enemy shields, and unleash rapid Attacks to deal damage as fast as possible. As you defeat enemies, you power up your Special Abilities to turn the tables on dangerous opponents and powerful Bosses.

– Powerful pets and gear creating a variety of magical combinations and capabilities to explore. 
Level-up your heroes to unlock abilities and boost their stats; equip magic gems and pets to give them new powers; customize your heroes to match your play style.

– 40+ adventures with special procedural content that bolsters replay and exploration. 
Random encounters, secret rooms and loot are never the same twice.

– Choose from 3 different heroes to play with.
Switch heroes on the fly and assign them to your squad depending on the ability you need to face your enemies, defeat the boss and complete the dungeon.

Dungeon Stars is currently in early access on Steam for $14.99. Other platforms are being considered. A full release of the game is slated to be released in the next coming months.


Our Impression

After playing close to 6 hours of Furnace Games‘ Dungeon Stars, we have to say that are loving this game.

This is our impression and not a review for the main reason that as of this writing, Dungeon Stars IS in early access on Steam and there could be changes coming with the full release of the game. That being said, once the full game is released, then we will give our full review.

Dungeon Stars is a mash up of a side-scroller, endless runner, RPG, and hack and slash. It is a very simple control game. Literally you have, depending on whether or not you are using a controller or keyboard, one button to do a quick attack, one button to do a hard attack, to block you hold down one of the button, and a button to use your pet’s special ability. You also have buttons to use your specials, which you need to unlock and is on a refresh timer. You do not control your hero, they are on a endless runner track and goes from left to right till they make it to the exit. That is to say, if they make it through the goblin hordes. The other control you have is switching between one of three heroes which you pick are the beginning of each dungeon.

Dungeon Stars has a very eye catching art style and the music is upbeat and entertaining. The heroes are fun and creatively designed. Each hero has their own special ability and depending on the loot that is found, you can improve on those.

Another thing Dungeon Stars uses is a “rock, paper, scissors” strategy. This is where the attacks of heroes of a certain type deal more damage over another enemy of another type. So for example, the heroes of Dungeon Stars are either, Flame, Ice or Poison. So, Fire beats Poison beats Water beats Poison. When we first started playing, we just willy-nilly chose whatever hero, not really paying attention to the dungeon type. Until we noticed an icon in the upper section of one of the screens. Once we started making a plan of attack, it made things a lot easier. Thing is, we don’t recall Dungeon Stars really telling us about that. We could be wrong.

So, a small point of concern for us is the price point. Right now, Dungeon Star is $14.99. Some might see that as kind of pricey. Could the price change, maybe.

All in all, we are enjoying playing Dungeon Stars. We can’t wait to see what the full game will bring.

Check out our review at that time.

Dungeon Stars is a very simple game that packs in there a lot of addictive fun.


***Disclaimer: Confident Gamers was provided a press Early Acces key of the Dungeon Stars in order to provide an impression & review. Our impressions & reviews are all fair and unbiased and don’t change if we were provided a press copy/access for free or not.***