Delta Legend Needs your Help on Kickstarter

It’s been over 18 months in the making but there is still much work needed for Delta Legend – Magic of the Blues, A Unique Blend of Indie Game and Blues Music. Now is your chance to be part of the process by backing them on Kickstarter.

Gut Games Studio wants to let you know about their latest project Delta Legend – Magic of the Blues has just gone live on Kickstarter.

Delta Legend Gut Game Studios 1

Gut Games Studio is an indie-game studio based in Dublin, Ireland and comprised of just two people Gabriel Silva and Victoria Mannion. Silva is focused on the games design and programming while Mannion spends her time on the level design and architecture of the game.

We aim to create a professional product which, although independent and artistic, has been polished to a level which would see it played on multiple mainstream platforms such as PS4. We feel that contemporary game design has many facets and has much to offer artistically as well having value as entertainment. We ask for your support to help us create this unique story which bring together gripping game play, enchanting visuals and timeless music. – Gut Games Studios

‘Delta Legend – Magic of the Blues’ is a fantasy action RPG set deep in the myths and folklore which surround Blues Music. The game has already been 18 months in the making and has undergone various iterations in order to refine concept, narrative and aesthetics. We have just launched our Kickstarter campaign to raise the funding which we need to develop the game to completion and would like to generate media interest in the project.

Delta Legend Gut Game Studios 2


The game is filled with engaging and mysterious characters, all carefully portrayed in a surreal and beguiling art-style. It is an exciting and utterly original project which should stand out as being creatively significant, as well as being a polished product which is a pleasure to engage-with and play.

Delta Legend also demonstrates an ability to compliment the contemporary art of game design with the timeless art of the Blues and has a core ambition to create an energetic collaboration between two creative communities – Game Developers and Musicians.

Delta Legend explores new territory within the videogame genre – it’s a game about Blues Music and the culture which surrounds it which can be enjoyed on multiple levels. The game’s development will also involve an open collaboration with blues musicians to create a soundtrack which is fully integrated with the gaming experience, bringing the Blues to life for a new audience.


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