A Look at Deathsmiles

I never knew just how much I would enjoy occult classic shoot ’em up type games until I experienced DeathSmiles by CAVE, Co., LTD.

This spring I took on the challenge of Death Smiles, a horizontally scrolling bullet-hell game that contains a whopping six different games modes.

Storyline: While there are some game genre’s that really don’t require a storyline to develop, Deathsmiles does a great job in bringing some life and character to this shoot em up game. In Deathsmiles, you take the role of one of five Angels to defend the magical land of Gilverado from an invasion by Hell itself.

DeathSmiles Review 2

Gameplay/controls: The game play is fairly simple, you fly around as the screen scrolls (sometimes pretty rapidly) and attempt to take out all the enemies coming at you from both directions. You can easily switch directions and maneuver your Angel around the screen to find the right spot to avoid oncoming bullets. You also have power ups you can release to aid in destroying the legend of hell spawn that come at you.

DeathSmiles Review 1

Graphics/Sounds: The artwork and style of Deathsmiles is very similar to many of the CAVE Co., LTD line up, very anime inspired. You will encounter very spooky but fun ghosts, demons, man-eating plants and even a giant COW in this game. The action driven music behind it all makes it just that more exciting to play.

Replayability: Deathsmiles is a pretty packed game. As I mentioned, there are a total of six different game modes and in addition to that there are five different playable angels to choose from, each with their own unique side kick. The the varying difficulty levels to continue to challenge yourself, you potentially have a long time before you fully experience all that Deathsmiles has to offer. And I haven’t even touched on the two-player couch co-op experience that adds even more meat to the game play. This smooth team up leaves a sea of dead spooky’s in your wake each time.


Recommendation: If you enjoy a barrage of bullets coming at you and at time countless enemies to focus on then Deathsmiles is for you. These five angles and their many levels will keep you entertained for several hours/days. If you want to check it out for yourself head over to their Steam Page now DeathSmiles.