Our Look at Dead Synchronicity

Late last year Badland Games brought their hit Dead Synchronicity: Tomorrow Comes Today to the PS4 and we snagged ourselves our copy to let you know what we thought.

If you enjoy a good point-and-click game with a bizarre story line than you will truly enjoy Dead Synchronicity. The game follows Michael who starts of the game with no memory of who he is and how he got where he is. There are also two extreme circumstances that add to his dilemma. Not only does he need to regain his memory and confirm his identity, he must understand why the world is in decay steaming from a “Great Wave” and humans that are suffering form “Dissolved.” The Great wave wave was a chain of seminally natural disasters that all occurred at the same time, while the Dissolved are humans that are some pandemic that make the victims sick, delusional and eventually … dissolve.


As with most point-and-click games you will need to use the tool, clues, people and environment in order to make your way through the game. These different resources will together give you hints and tips as to what your next move is. Using your controller (again I was playing on the PS4) you move the arrow around to point at what you intend to interact with. You choices are usually just to look at it, speak to a person, or pick up an item. Some items may need to be combined in your inventory in order to complete a puzzle or objective. The only issue I had with this was occasionally I was unable to access my inventory.


The artwork behind the game, the atmosphere and music were all amazing and really add to the storyline. This is a pretty bloody game and it shows throughout each scene, always getting more intense.

Honestly, the only thing that brought the game down for me was the abrupt ending. It leaves it very open for a sequel, but if there is no sequel you will have a lot of unanswered questions as to how the full ending could be.











  • Interesting Storyline
  • Great puzzle and character interaction
  • Great achievement layout, allowing for future replay


  • Abrupt Ending