Dead by Daylight PAX East Interview

Dead by Daylight puts you in the role of either one of four teens or one deadly maniac killer. While at PAX East 2016, we were able to not only get our hands on playing some Dead by Daylight, but also hear more about the game from Dead by Daylight’s producer, Mathieu Cote.

Dead by Daylight, created by Behaviour Digital and published by Starbreeze Studios, is an asymmetrical action and survival horror multiplayer game where the goal, as a survivor, is to survive against an unstoppable killer. Dead by Daylight keeps each game fresh by making every match procedurally generated. Each match has to be approached strategically differently because as one of the survivors, you will not know where your objects will be or what type of killer you will be facing or rather not want to face.

The more you play, the more you will be able to gain experience which will allow you to unlock items, perks, and customizations.

Dead by Daylight will be available on June 14th for PC and is available right now for pre-orders. Click here for pre-order.

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