Dead by Daylight Console Launch & Trailer

It’s time for consoles to get in on the fun of killing. Dead by Daylight is heading for consoles in June!

Last year at PAX East 2016, we were introduced to a very intriguing game. A game where we played as an unstoppable killing machine with one main goal, eliminating five teens. It was different, it was exciting, well loved channeling our inner killer.

This experience was on the PC and it was fantastic. You can check out our interview with Dead by Daylight’s producer, Mathieu Cote.

If you are not familiar with Dead by Daylight, here’s a quick blurb about the game:

Dead by Daylight, created by Behaviour Digital and published by Starbreeze Studios, is an asymmetrical action and survival horror multiplayer game where the goal, as a survivor, is to survive against an unstoppable killer. Dead by Daylight keeps each game fresh by making every match procedurally generated. Each match has to be approached strategically differently because as one of the survivors, you will not know where your objects will be or what type of killer you will be facing or rather not want to face.


Well, can you just imagine the excitement we felt when we found out that Dead by Daylight will be making its debut on consoles!

Dead by Daylight will be releasing on the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 on June 20th for $29.99. Pre-orders are available now. Check out the Dead by Daylight Console Launch Trailer below.