Dangerous Dave – Game and Soundtrack Review

Ahh a good platformer game right in my hand that I can take anywhere I go and be challenged along the way … that is Dangerous Dave.

Dangerous Dave in the Deserted Pirate Hideout was released on iOS on October 29 and the soundtrack for the game followed right behind it. And we have both to share with you today.

About the Game

Now for some of you this may be the first time you are hearing the name Dangerous Dave but I promise you, this is not the debute for Dangerous Dave. Not at All, in fact Dave has been around kicking but and collecting coins for almost 30 years now. The world was first blasted with the presence of Dave in 1988 for Apple II in a whopping total of 6-colors. Dave’s journey quickly progresses with several versions of Dangerous Dave being released over the next 7 years, ending his reign in 1995 with Dangerous Dave Goes Nutz! Now if you followed the progress of the game you will know it was primarily an Apple game with a few Softdisk and DOS version sprinkled in there. But after 1995, Dave went silent. Now Dave is looking to make a come back and using your iOS device to come into your world.

The 1988 Apple II Dangerous Dave
The 1988 Apple II Dangerous Dave

Now before I go too far into the review I do have to mention that there is a storyline inter webbed into the game. When you first start the game you experience the opening sequence that reveals that you awoke one night to discover that Clyde the town bully has stolen all the trophies that you have spent your time collecting. So you mission is to find Clyde and retrieve your goods. And what is interesting is along the way you find notes and clues that Clyde leaves to taunt you. You can play the game without picking up those storyline bits, but why would you do it …. just get it, listen to what Clyde has to say.


The premise behind Dangerous Dave is actually pretty simple. The object of the game is to collect gold cups to move on to the next level. Sounds simple enough. The challenge comes in when other elements of surprise are thrown into the mix that require to use tools and resources provided to get around an obstacle or enemy. Some of these tools include jet packs and guns. It is actually kind of frustrating when you think of how simple of a concept it is yet you find yourself struggling to pass certain areas. Each stage is loaded with a collection of gems and one cup that gains you access to the next stage.

What is really nice about the mobile version is immediately before you even jump into the action you are given a unique option. You get to choose whether you play the game in the Classic Mode or the new High Definition Mode. Now not too much is different between the two versions in terms of game play so it is all a nostalgic appeal for those fans who know, love and grew up with the game.

Game is controlled using your touch screen with the basic left, right and jump movements. Tip: holding your finger on the jump button, extends the jump time. The other control would be used when you pick up a special item there is an additional button that comes up that allows you to trigger that new special effect or weapon.

One thing to note that while the game is free to download and play, there is a option to remove adds for just $1.99. You may say, well ads don’t bother me that much, I don’t need to spend the money … however removing ads is not the only thing that becomes available with the purchase. You also gain the option of starting the game from any level. Otherwise you are forced to restart the game from the beginning each time. Not fun.


As mentioned previously this mobile release of the classic game gives you an option to play in two different modes, Classic and Hi Definition. Now don’t be fool, this is still a retro, pixel platformer. So we aren’t talking like super hi definition where dave is more defined and realistic. It just provides better color, sharpness and definition. It is still clearly a pixel game, one that is very well done and amazing to look at considering just how far it has truly come.



And finally we arrive to the best part of this game, the sound track and sound effects. The developers behind the game made it a point to really put emphasis on not only the environment you interact with but Dave himself. You can literally here the energy he is expelling with each jump and move. He is working for those jumps.

However that is no where in comparison to the sound track itself. The electric beats with some country twang to it is something I actually find slipping into my iTunes line up … just because. Brough to us by Dren McDonald who is also responsible for other glorious musical genius such as Gathering Sky (review here), the Dangerous Dave sound track is packed with eleven different tracks that are included in the game and contains a great range of action and drama. Yes music can be very dramatic, even in a mobile platformer. If it couldn’t be before, Bren figured out how to do it.



Now back to the game, what usually makes platform games so fun is just how long you can play. Sure someone can easily play through stage, pass with the bare minimum and move on. But here is the fun in that? The challenge is in going back through and playing the stages over and over again trying to surpass your own high score of the score of other players. Dangerous Dave has all that. It not only challenges you to beat a certain time but also in collect all possible coins and goodies on the stage. So go back through the game and do it again, and then do it even faster.











  • Great nostalgic experience, well ported
  • Improved graphics will appeal to younger generation of gamers


  • No saving without paying for it