Countdown to Fallout 4 – Confirmed

It’s quite possible that Bethesda has confirmed Fallout 4.

Quite possible is an understatement, might as well just say confirmed! So, here us out here and let’s just follow the bread crumbs which are just large as loaves. A while back, Bethesda announces that they will be having their first ever E3 Press Conference. Now, they would have to have something major major to announce to warrant their own press conference. To today with them Tweeting the tweet on Twitter with the hash tag #PleaseStandBy.


Frosting on the cake is the Bethesda website with the url as and a countdown clock which will fun out tomorrow morning at 6am/PST/10am/EST.

Wow, is it really going to happen?

We’ll see tomorrow morning at 10am! Fingers crossed!