Count Crunch’s Candy Curse

A great husband and wife indie studio, Black Hive has a great Halloween adventure to share with you, Count Crunch’s Candy Curse, a game being coined as a “bite sized casual-core platformer.”

Count Crunch’s Candy Curse is a Halloween-themed platformer game, designed from the ground up as a Halloween 2015 release on mobile and desktop.  The game follows “Skeleton Boy” as he opens a box of Count Crunch’s Haunted Halloween cereal to obtain the free Halloween Playset, which includes a glow stick, Skeleton mask, and treasure map.  Upon opening the box, little did he know he unleashed the Candy Curse!  Count Crunch unleashes candy-filled monsters upon the town, sure to ruin Halloween and eventually take over the world!  Skeleton Boy must fight his way through three visually stunning landscapes on Halloween night; along the way unlocking special abilities to help stop Count Crunch once and for all!


Count Crunch’s Candy Curse is being coined as a “bite sized casual-core platformer, what the developers are defining as “a mobile experience that is more traditional, yet still approachable to more of a casual audience, in terms of style, length, and difficulty progression.”

Black Hive has been working overtime for the last few months after leaving their previous game and app development jobs behind to go back indie.

“We literally just recently quit our game industry jobs to go back indie.  With a two month dev cycle and two person team, we hit the ground running.”


What is this game?

  • An atmospheric Halloween-themed platformer adventure.
  • Approachable design for casual players that also offers a challenge and real progression to more seasoned mobile gamers.
  • Unlockable power ups, such as ground pounding, to help you rid the world of the candy curse!
source: press release