After almost an entire day out on the town running errands, an all too familiar event happened when I made it back home tonight, and my level of frustration has driven me to this very brief vent session. Yes, ok, the Wii U is in trouble, the entire world (including myself) has said this one-hundred thousand times, nothing new to report there. In fact, I cannot even tell you the last time I powered on my Wii U which is sad. On the contrary, in other “not so new” news, the 3DS family is kicking tail, taking names, and downright annihilating the competition, especially overseas. Nintendo is KING of handheld. Period. Anyone who argues this is doing it just for argument’s sake. So what’s my problem now?

Well, of the 35 million 3DS/2DS sold worldwide, 11.5 million have sold in North America. That’s an abundance of units, and the numbers will only continue to grow. So let me ask one question, you mean to tell me that in North America, there are 11.5 million 3DS’s out here, and after 8 hours of traveling across my city, I come home once again with one freakin streetpass? Just one! And here’s the punchline, that’s one more than I usually get. Take a look at that picture above, you see that little light to the right hand corner of the unit? Yea, that indicator light turns green when you have garnered a streetpass, but you wouldn’t know it if you ventured out into my city because it NEVER or RARELY lights up. And the kicker, I live in one of the larger metropolitan cities. In fact, the airport of my city ranks #1 on both the “Largest airport in America” and “Busiest airport in America” lists. I’m talking about Atlanta, GA. The city is massively overcrowded, but I cant seem to snag more than one streetpass at a time.


I’ve had enough of this. I must live in the wrong part of town, it has to be. It’s terrible that I have to attend DragonCon here in Atlanta, or the Legend of Zelda Symphony in order to get streetpasses. In fact, that could be the very reason why after the Zelda symphony, about 30 people continued to hangout outside of the venue before Cobb county police advised us it was time to vacate the premises, we were all trying to soak up as many passes as we could because of the sad state of affairs in this city. My job now is to figure out how to get all these people back in one place again. Nintendo has tried with National Streetpass Day, but even that was a dud. 11.5 million U.S.? I call shenanigans. I need to see a breakdown by state, because I think Atlanta only contributes about 100 units to that number. Nintendo, we need some help down here! Can we have more events? More exposure maybe? This is still one of the coolest features on the handheld, but it is widely underused here. Please help! Any of you experiencing this as well?