Comixplay A Great Blend of Comic Book and Video Game

ComixPlay #1: The Endless Incident proves to be a great way to blend the comic world with the video game world as a playable 124 digital graphic novel.

I have grown up loving comic book characters. I can’t call myself a long time comic book reader, but as much as I can I try to follow the characters and stories that writers develop for them. And while there have been many video games based on comic book characters and storylines there haven’t been many cross overs done as good as this one. While many comic book characters have their own game(s), ComixPlay #1: The Endless Incident takes it to a whole other level with it’s combination of comic book and video game.

ComixPlay #1: The Endless Incident was born from the collaboration of a veteran group of artists and designers, including former DC and Marvel illustrator Al Sirois. Other characters the team has worked on includes Superman, Batman, X-Men, Flash and Wonder Woman.

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ComixPlay follows a diverse group of genetically-modified heroes, ‘The Solar Defenders,’ on a sci-fi adventure to protect earth. Set one hundred years in the future, a menace from beyond the stars threatens the entire solar system and only a genetically enhanced team of heroes, The Solar Defenders, can save it. As they chase their powerful foe across the galaxy, it becomes clear that they can no longer trust the people around them are still human – not even themselves.

I really enjoy how you are exposed to the back story of each of the characters and how they each came to be a part of the team of Solar Defenders. Each part of the unit has their own unique experience and gift that they bring and when you engage in battles you can see those unique features come in to play.


This graphic novel is primary story tell based with a bit of optional action thrown in there to make this a complete game. The game plays much like a comic book novel being read. Each scene is a page out of the novel, the screen travels from block to block following the action, revealing bits and pieces of the page at a time until the entire page is revealed at the end of that page. As the story unfolds the team will find themselves under attack. Whenever the heroes engage in a fight, readers will be prompted to either skip the videogame section and continue with the traditional graphic novel format or have the heroes leap out of the panel and into the battleground. Each of the five heroes, members of The Solar Defenders, has six to seven superpowers to utilize in turn-based combat during their quest to protect the universe.

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If you choose to fight you will be faced with several rounds of enemies, usually based on the environment of the stage you are currently in. Depending on where you are in the storyline you will have anywhere from 2-4 heroes to battle with against the waves of foes. You could also have heroes that are waiting on the bench to be traded in whenever necessary. You can do that if one player’s health is severally low, or if one hero has a particular advantage over the enemies you are facing.

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As with many turn-based fighting games, each hero has a chance to attack a selected enemy. After the heroes have all had a turn the enemy, if they survived now have the chance to get back at you. As you progress you will encounter enemies that won’t just attack but some will also being to preform special moves that make a successful round even harder to achieve. An example is a large ice type creature that can freeze an hero for a number of rounds, prohibiting them from the ability to attack, defend or move. Quite frustration but well designed and thought out.


The artwork and style of Comixplay #1: The Endless Incident is amazing. The comic itself really comes to life throughout the game. You can see the history that they artist brings with them with the snippet below. The style of features of each hero have that typical comic book hero feel to them. What’s even more amazing is the music that accompanies the game. Honestly I thought immediately when I first heard Comixplay that this was exactly what I thought a comic book would sound like. The way that the tracks intensify during the dramatic portions of the story is perfect and really brings the entire story and experience together.

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What is great about ComixPlay is that it is essentially two games in one. Depending on your initial approach you can take on the game without engaging in any battles and simply enjoy the graphic novel portion of the experience. Once you have completed that play through you can then go back and relive the experience by accepting each of the battles and attempting to take on each foe you come across, wave after wave of them. This add much replay value to the game providing more hours of enjoyment. There are also several achievements to go after that may require additional play throughs.


Now that we have completely exhausted our experience with the game I would have to say that this is a game any comic book, graphic novel fan should pick up. It has a great story, and a wonderful and ingenious blend of video game and comic book elements.

“Videogames and film increasingly draw inspiration from the plots and story-telling in graphic novels, but the comics industry has not borrowed the best parts of other mediums,” said Assaf Cohen, CEO, ComixPlay. “ComixPlay is the next step in this pop culture evolution, taking the action-packed gameplay of a videogame and combining it with the storytelling and format of a graphic novel.”

For more information about ComixPlay: The Endless Incident, or ComixPlay the company, go to: To see the first 6 pages of the comic check it out right here: comixplay-preview.