Cleaver Soft’s Earth Night Interview

During MagFest we had the opportunity to meet with several Indie Game developers. Today we want to share with you what we learned about one of the most beautiful and creative games we have seen so far, Earth Night by Cleaver Soft.

Here is a little bit about the game:

Dragons have taken over the earth and it’s up to a 14 year old high-schooler and an unemployed photographer to stop them.

EarthNight is a hand-painted runner with rogue-like elements about the dragon apocalypse which will be launching on PS4 and then coming to iOS, Android, PS Vita, Mac & PC shortly after.

EarthNight is one of the deepest runner game you will ever play. Each character is controlled with two buttons that have different functions in different situations. On iOS and Android, these buttons are mapped to the two halves of the screen. Right is for jump. Left is “anchor”; it makes you fall faster when you’re airborne and affects your run speed depending on your chosen character. The game feels right at home on touch screens, no virtual joysticks or buttons obscuring gameplay. The controls may feel simple, but it will take a lifetime to master them and reach EarthNight.