Clash Cup Turbo by Root76

This past weekend at MagFest we met up with several Indie Game developers located in the Indie Game Showcase including Root76.

Clash Cup Turbo is a colorful 2-4 player couch multiplayer sports game, focused on crazy fun competition with friends and family. Smack the puck into the opponent’s goal in a variety of stylized levels filled with obstacles and traps.


  • 2 to 4 local players!
  • Playable with 360 controllers, DualShock 4s, and any other standard USB controller, as well as keyboard.
  • 6 different level themes, based on stylized real-world locations, each featuring level-specific mechanics.
  • Unique level designs for 2, 3, and 4 players. Every level is hand-crafted to be fun for everyonE!
  • Skill-based gameplay with pick-up-and-play accessible 2-button controls, but a high skill ceiling.
  • 10 different characters with varied special moves to enhance the already crazy core gameplay.

Check out our interview with some of the team members here:

Here is a game trailer to see more of the game: