CivCraft Legends of Ellaria is on KickStarter

This game seems to be headed to a place where no game has gone before!
CivCraft is designed to be both a First Person and a Real Time Strategy game, and you can switch between these modes whenever you wish. You can rule your kingdom in a huge and open world, or go on adventures with the character you created.

CivCraft - Legends of Ellaria
CivCraft – Legends of Ellaria

When you start off, you get to choose between the Warrior, Wizard and Builder classes. You can go on quests, level up, or build a powerful kingdom to rule the land of Ellaria with large cities, a working economy, farming and resources. You don’t just play as your character – you control armies, lay siege to cities, and carve out an empire, in a non-linear gameplay!

After three years of development, this refreshing concept has been launched on Kickstarter and offers you the chance to play CivCraft just a few weeks after the campaign ends.

CivCraft’s Kickstarter campaign was launched with the modest sum of 12,500$, but relies on stretch goals that will allow the developers to add even more features to CivCraft, such as espionage, controlled siege weapons, multiple wizard classes, an arena, and tons of improvements to graphics, playability, as well as support for multiplayer and Modding. So far, CivCraft’s Kickstarter campaign was backed for almost 50% of the initial goal in less than 24 hours!

The Kickstarter campaign offers unique rewards to CivCraft’s backers, such as a special edition, unique artwork and the ability to design your own spells, items, levels, quests and characters inside the world of CivCraft, as well as to place your name in CivCraft’s in-game credits!

“As we are an Indie company with a fresh concept, we would like to develop and publish the best game possible and with as many features as we can”, said Arik and Adrian, the CEO’s of Larkon Studios. “We would like to give you the opportunity to play CivCraft – Legends of Ellaria sooner than the official Steam release, as well as contribute and make suggestions to our developers about which direction we should take CivCraft. This means that the more backers we will have, CivCraft will be published better, quicker and with more features.”

Source: press release