Review Catlateral Damage on the PS4

Cats!!! I have always hated the fury little prissy beasts. And Catlateral Damage certainly did not help me to love them even more … little devils they are.

If you have ever owned a cat, or lived in a home with someone else who adored these four legged tyrants then you would understand that there is a high potential that something could possibly end up damaged, either in spite or just a miscalculated jump. This game allows you to play as a feline character and unleash your frustration on everything in the house.

There was an original version of Catlateral Damage was actually created back in August 2013 as part of the 7DFPS game jam challenge. The 7DFPS game jam is a seven day competition where developers are challenged to create a first person shooter.

I wanted make a first-person game that allowed players to experience an unconventional perspective, and growing up with several cats led me towards the idea of a “first-person cat simulator”. My childhood pet, Nippy, was the primary inspiration for the game since he was the epitome of what a cat is: aloof, condescending, and demanding while also loveable, cuddly, and friendly. – Chris Chung – Developer

So what exactly is Catlateral Damage?

Catlateral Damage is played as a first-person destructive cat simulator. In this simulator you play as a cat that is going on a rampage and taking out aggression by knocking as much of your owner’s stuff onto the ground as possible. You play in various different settings, usually a home, or a shop. By playing as the cat in first-person you get to see the world from their perspective!

Catlateral Damage 2


The mechanics as well as the objective of the game are pretty straight forward. You are not pleased with your owner so as soon as they are gone and you have the place to yourself you start going to town on their items. Each stage is timed with an objective of knocking a certain number of items down to the ground.

As the cat you can walk around, look around, jump, crouch, and use your paws as little weapons. Using the left and right triggers you control your paws swiping them left or right in order to knock things off the table. Having the best and most accurate angle of the paw strike is important. My first couple of rounds getting into the game I was very frustrated because I felt my paw strikes were very lacking. There was much power to them, both in the way the controls felt as well as the results of the strike. It took what felt like way too many strikes to effectively knock down relatively light items.

To help accomplish the goals set for you for each round there are several power ups and special items that trigger during the duration of the round. These include cat nip that make you move faster and a power boost that aids in making your strikes stronger. There are many more power ups that are awarded as your progress.

Catlateral Damage 1


The graphics for Catlateral Damage or actually fairly simply. This shell shaded first-person challenge is very colorful with a strong emphasis on pastel colors.

The sound track and back ground elements of the game are simple. The sound track of the stages is light and entertaining enough to add another element. And the sound effects of the items falling are light a airy. I do wish they up’d it a bit. The occasional power-up was fun but not enough to maintain our attention and interest. Adding different elements like full sound affects to the items dropping or more energizing music.


One things that Catlateral Damage has going for them is natural replayability. The way in which the game is set up draws you to challenge your self to get even higher score each time and to also unlock the many other playable cats. It helps of course though if you actually enjoy the experience. The first 15-20 minutes of playing the game was pretty entertaining as we got accustomed to neat features of the game and the fact that we were playing as a cat. However afterwards it became extremely repetitive and and there wasn’t much to keep me engaged. Adding different challenges to the game other than the time elements would have been a bit more to help do the variety of the experience.


It is rare for me to not recommend a game. This game certainly has a level of appeal to it. It is a fun concept but just fails to deliver a full complete experience. There is much more that could have been incorporated with the game really make it a game to add to your collection. If you have the $9.99 to spare and are interested in different games, go for it. Other wise watching a few of the trailers and play throughs from others will give you pretty much the feel for the game and what you can look forward to.