Garage Invading the Nintendo Switch

May 1, 2018 0

Hordes of mutants are on the loose! Time to slain them all! Garage coming exclusively for the Nintendo Switch. In Garage from Zombie Dynamics, you play as Butch an ex-drug dealer and you have what … read more

Indie Game

Trailblazers New Coop Trailer

March 16, 2018 0

Trailblazers brings fresh new innovative dynamics to the racing coop game! In Trailblazers, team work can REALLY win the game! In Trailblazers, the key to winning is all about team work. As you drive, you … read more

Indie Game

6 tinyBuild Games Coming to Nintendo Switch ICYMI

February 15, 2018 0

Independent game publisher and developer, tinyBuild Games, has announced that they will be bringing six of their indie games to the Nintendo Switch. During tinyBuild’s #HelloSwitch livestream this past weekend, the following six games were … read more


WULVERBLADE Launches on Steam, PS4 and Xbox One

January 24, 2018 0

Sharp blades, bloodthirsty hordes and deadly arenas! This is the co-op brawler WULVERBLADE! Wulverblade is the two player co-op, side scroller brawler from independent developer Fully Illustrated and published by Darkwind Media. You play as one … read more

Indie Game

Bleed Coming to the Nintendo Switch

December 7, 2017 0

Bleed out next week on Nintendo Switch – become the Greatest Hero of All Time! The indie hit Bleed will be coming top the Nintendo Switch on Thursday, December 14th. In Bleed, you play as Wryn … read more

Indie Game

Earth Atlantis

October 6, 2017 0

Let the Nintendo Switch become a portal to rediscovering humankind’s sunken world! Earth Atlantis releases today! Created from the destruction of the surface world, where “The Great Climate Shift” has caused ninety-six percent of the earth’s … read more

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