Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice Review

October 6, 2017 0

Psychosis is a mental disorder where a person begins to lose touch with their reality. This sometimes manifests itself in the form of hallucinations or delusions. That person’s hallucinations might include sensory experiences which has … read more

Earth Atlantis

October 6, 2017 0

Let the Nintendo Switch become a portal to rediscovering humankind’s sunken world! Earth Atlantis releases today! Created from the destruction of the surface world, where “The Great Climate Shift” has caused ninety-six percent of the earth’s … read more

Inmates Review

October 5, 2017 0

What does nightmares, headaches, visions, a rundown somewhat abandoned prison; lots of bibles, disturbing-imagery, lots of matches, cryptographs, and memory loss all have in common? All of these are not what you want to encounter … read more

Announcing Pathologic 2

October 3, 2017 0

A deadly plague is consuming a village and you have 12 days to save people. Know that you can’t save everyone. This is Pathologic 2. Pathologic 2 was created by the independent developers Ice-Pick Lodge and … read more

Projection: First Light

October 2, 2017 0

In Projection: First Light, you control the light to solve puzzles. The art of shadow puppetry coming to your gaming consoles and PC and Mac in 2018. Developer Shadowplay Studios and publisher Blowfish Studios has … read more


September 21, 2017 0

The nightmare begins waking up in a prison cell with no recollection of how or why you are there! This is your nightmare. This is Iceberg Interactive Inmates. Inmates is a psychological horror puzzle game about … read more

Announcing Chess Ultra

June 6, 2017 0

The Reaper challenges you to a game of Chess. Will you accept? Ripstone Games announces Chess Ultra. Chess Ultra is looking to be one of the most breath taking chess game ever made. Chess Ultra … read more

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